Ethical standards

The discipline of ethics relates to concepts of right and wrong conduct, moral duty and obligation, moral principles and values, and to moral character. Most procurement related principles, i.e. fairness, integrity, transparency and accountability, are based on ethics.

As GIPC undertakes procurement using National funds entrusted to the organization by a funding source or beneficiary, it is imperative that all activities conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Every business unit of the organization as well as all individuals acting on behalf of GIPC must observe the highest standards of ethics throughout the procurement process.

All GIPC personnel involved in procurement activities shall maintain an unimpeachable standard of integrity in all business relationships, both inside and outside GIPC. Ethical conduct shall apply in all dealings with GIPC’s partners and beneficiaries. Procurement officials must never use their authority or office for personal gain and must seek to uphold and enhance the standing of GIPC.


Although individual contractors do not have the status of GIPC, while working on GIPC-related business, individual contractors must comply with the standards of conduct.

All individuals are responsible for the regularity of actions taken by them in the course of their official duties. Any staff member that takes action contrary to the Staff Regulations and Rules of the GIPC may be held personally responsible and financially liable for the consequences of such action.