Health, Safety and Environment

Strong commitment led us to always think and act in a way to protect our employees, subcontractors and also our Clients and always have a special respect to the Environment.

Tight Permit to Work Procedures implemented in previous projects to control the Employees Safety. We also aimed to reach zero percent incidents by careful following the engineering procedures, performing accurate “Risk Assessments” for any important operation, specifically while facing parallel operations like hot works for instance at risky zones, with probability of Hydrocarbons.  Careful SIMPOS study for the same, by doing the Risk Management, implementing the SIMOPS Study results at Operation / Execution Procedures.

Caring our Environment is the duty of everybody as all of us need to conserve the Earth for us and our children, this company has a comprehensive program for continuous improvement for the employees, personnel and also the involved sub-contractors, to think and do the best for any activity not to threat the our Environment.